Network meetings

At Expat Network Denmark, we create a trustful and confidential environment where our members physically meet with their network group. We form smaller groups of 15 members who will meet five times a year for a full day meeting. In the groups, we prioritize time to build the network and help each other with the work related challenges we may experience as expats living in Denmark. 

Some of the meetings will take place at our premises in Copenhagen. Others will be hosted by the members in their organizations, where possible. This allows for a good insight into various companies and an introduction to their business and corporate culture.

The agenda for each meeting will include:

  • Time for reflection and discussion of predefined topics.
  • Sparring on dilemmas/challenges experienced by the members. 
  • Exercises for personal and professional development. 
  • A guest speaker who will talk about corporate or cultural aspects of living in Denmark.
  • Company visit and presentation.
  • Socializing and getting to know each other.

The meetings take place from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm.

Full catering will be available at the meetings.

Each meeting is planned by the facilitator together with a few members.

The group members will have influence on deciding on the topics for the network meetings. We have an informal and energetic atmosphere, and always room for a good laugh.